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Creating ringtones for an iPhone is a process that’s way more complicated than it should be, despite the whole thing basically coming down to just picking a sound and uploading it to your phone. iTunes is most often required, and the only easy way to get a new ringtone is to simply buy one from the store, which obviously comes with a price that many don’t want to pay for a 30-second sound.

Fortunately, however, there’s now an easy way to create ringtones for your iPhone, and it’s all possible without iTunes. This is actually one of the best things, though as you’ll learn in the next few paragraphs, there’s more to get in this solution.

Called iRingg, this little app helps you create an iPhone ringtone from pretty much any audio file or song online or offline. And what’s more, it’s super-easy to use, as everything has been designed as a straightforward wizard that guides you step by step.

Installing iRingg is no rocket science, though make sure you customize the setup because this is the only way to opt out from having the app collect and send anonymous usage data to the developer. This is something that many users do not agree with, so it’s a good thing that they’re allowed to disable it.

The UI was designed to be easy to use and straightforward
The UI was designed to be easy to use and straightforward

The interface of the app is pretty intuitive and the first thing you need to do is pick the source of your new ringtone. You can search online for files or browse your local drives and choose a song that’s on your computer. The supported online services include YouTube and Soundcloud, while locally you can work with WAV, MP3, and WMA files. Drag and drop support is also offered for locally-stored files.

Searching online for audio files is a thing that most people are going to love because you can use pretty much any YouTube video as source of a ringtone.

There’s no need to input the YouTube video link because there’s a search box that automatically looks for your keywords. iRingg does not allow you to filter your results (such as service, maximum length, or bitrate) and the search box does not feature suggestions, and I’d say these are the biggest two drawbacks that should be addressed in a future update.

The searching process is typically very fast, and results are displayed in the same window with a tag that indicates the service where they are stored. You can preview each result, just to make sure you pick the correct one, and then select it to move to the next step. Basic information is offered here, such as length, number of views, and upload date.

List of results when searching online for sound files
List of results when searching online for sound files

Once you select a specific result, iRingg automatically downloads it to your computer. How fast this process completes depends on your network connection, and this is more of a problem in the case of longer audio files, such as mixes and compilations.

When the download comes to an end, you can trim the part that you want to use as ringtone, and again, a very simple UI is being offered, with a yellow box that lets you select the length and the fragment of the track to cut. You can preview it and then proceed to the next step. There is no way to manually input the start and end times.

iRingg also lets you personalize the ringtone with intros and effects. You can create an intro with your own voice if a microphone is available, or add sounds like explosions, kisses, and others. While adding a voice message is a neat touch, the other effects don’t really make sense, and I think it would be more useful to let users add their own sounds effects. Also, options for fade in and fade out effects for the ringtone would also be very useful.

Once you click the Export button, iRingg provides you with two different options to upload the ringtone directly to your iPhone or save it locally as an M4R file. Pushing the ringtone to the iPhone works impressively fast, though it requires the iPhone to be connected to your system with a cable and allow access to its files.

All in all, iRingg is one very straightforward way to create an iPhone ringtone, and it only needs small refinements here and there to complete an otherwise impressive feature package. It’s super-easy to use, works rather fast, and includes support for YouTube, which is without a doubt the best source of songs and audio files for a ringtone.

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