“We’d never slow our phones down,” they say

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Huawei's tweet saved for eternity
   Huawei's tweet saved for eternity

Smartphone manufacturers tend to mock each other on a regular basis, and Huawei has pretty much found the best occasion to do this once again.

Rivals Apple and Samsung have recently been fined for slowing down their phones on purpose to encourage users to upgrade to newer models, so Huawei took to Twitter in an attempt to capitalize on the news.

“We would never slow our phones down to force an upgrade. We're proud our new #HuaweiMate20Pro is #BornFastStaysFast - just like every other phone in our range. #NeverSlowDown,” the company tweeted.

While Huawei tried to make the #BornFastStaysFast and #NeverSlowDown hashtags go viral, neither has gained enough popularity, and most of the posts on Twitter using these keywords actually belong to the company.

Samsung mocked Apple too

Earlier this year, Samsung itself tried to mock Apple for planned obsolescence, only to be fined a few weeks ago for doing pretty much the same thing.

Since late 2017, Samsung has been rolling out ads aimed at iPhone users regularly, trying to showcase the speed and performance difference between the two. One of these ads highlights how slow an iPhone 6 can get due to a degraded battery, which in turn triggered silent tweaks implemented by Apple that reduced the performance of the device to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Like Samsung, Huawei has targeted Apple on several occasions, and the company has recently managed to overtake its American rival to become the second largest mobile phone maker in the world.

Earlier this year, Huawei also tried to mock Apple by giving away power banks to customers waiting in front of an Apple Store in Singapore to buy the new iPhone XS. Furthermore, the company parked a van in front of the Apple Store in London, offering to recharge the iPhones belonging to people leaving the store.

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